Sparkling vitality, good health and a golden tan are the benefits you should reap from your summer holidays.

Summer holidays have a habit, however, of posing special beauty problems as well. Here are ways and means of dealing with the most common troubles.

  • You will, of course, remember that prevention of sunburn is better than cure, so lather yourself with sun cream or oil before venturing into the sun. Your first sun bath should be no longer than 10 minutes, and increase the time gradually day by day. Protect your head and back of the neck whenever possible to avoid sunstroke.
  • For freckles, prevention is better than cure. Shade your face, or any part of you likely to become freckled, as much as possible from the sun. There is no reliable remedy for freckles, although bleaching creams or lotions sometimes help if used carefully. Do not try to concoct your own bleaches or you may harm your skin. Obtain them from a reputable beauty shop.
  • Dry skin from sunburn: Rub a nourishing cream with an oil base well into the skin before going to bed. Try this special treatment: Mix the raw yolk of an egg with one dessertspoon camphor oil. Spread on face, allow to dry, wash off with warm water.
  • Dry hair from sun and water: This can be prevented if you use an oilier shampoo than usual and by brushing twice as hard. For really dry hair try an oil treatment. Rub warm almond oil well into the scalp, massaging for at least 10 minutes. Rinse and shampoo. Add one dessertspoonful borax to the rinsing water.
  • For cracked lips, massage at night with camphor ice. If the corners are cracked, try this at night: Wash and pat to dry gently, apply talcum powder thickly.
  • Blisters on the feet: These can often be prevented if you harden your feet first by rubbing them with denatured alcohol or cologne.
  • Strained eyes: Soak cotton-wool pads in witch hazel, wring out, place over eyelids. With your closed eyes, try to “see” black. The blacker you can see the more your eyes will relax. Exercises such as blinking and rolling the eyes will also help to relieve strain.
  • Superfluous hair on arms and legs: Sunshine tends to stimulate this, so you may find it needs extra attention. Apply a reliable cream or wax depilatory to remove the surface growth, then keep the growth down with emery paper pads obtainable for this purpose.
  • Bruises: Treat with cold compresses, renewed frequently. (A cold compress can be made from a pad of old linen, soaked in iced water, and wrung out until it does not drip. A little denatured alcohol added to the water helps to keep it cold.)
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