100 Tips on How to Be Pretty Naturally – Glow Up Transformation

  1. Eat plenty of beautifully luscious, health-giving fruits – they make you feel fresh and keep your body in shape.
  2. Step up your iron intake. It’s been estimated that 75 percent of all women in the childbearing age group are iron-deficient to some degree. Symptoms? Listlessness, irritability, pale skin, and that “shattered” feeling at 6 pm.
  3. Drink a large glass of stout sometimes at lunchtime – beautiful to look at, beautiful to taste.
  4. Invest in an iron saucepan and cook your breakfast scrambled eggs in it.
  5. Drink 2 glasses of water every morning. Flush your system and get your insides feeling beautiful.
  6. Eat liver once or twice a week. You’ll almost feel it working wonders!
  7. Go jogging. Invest in some sexy shorts and jog around the block once a day.
  8. Nibble watercress every day. It’s full of iron – so good for you!
  9. Breathe deeply. Oxygen is needed by all the cells in your body and brain. Put your head out of the window, breathe in, hold for a count of six, then exhale.
  10. Mix fresh fruit with plain yogurt, toss the whole lot with salad – a beautiful mixture.
  11. Sleep soundly. Quality is as important as quantity when it comes to beauty sleep. Go to bed with a cup of hot milky chocolate.
  12. Visit the beach more often: it puts a glow in your cheeks.
  13. Take a break. Several long weekends away from it all are better for you than two weeks by the sea. If you can’t afford an expensive trip, swap flats or houses with chums, go camping. Anything to change your surroundings for a day or two.
  14. Switch off with some gentle yoga exercises, a few of these each day will make you feel calmer.
  15. Find a friendly dentist. Ugly teeth and gums can make the rest of you feel ugly. Look for a sympathetic dentist who’ll scale and polish your teeth beautifully as well as fill them. Use dental floss every day.
  16. Buy shoes that fit. You’ll never have lovely feet if you wear ill-fitting shoes, and one sure way to make you feel tired is having sore feet.
  17. Cut down on coffee breaks. Caffeine gives you a “high” which rapidly becomes a “low” around mid-afternoon.
  18. Invest in a manicure next time you’re at the hairdresser’s – you’ll never feel beautiful with ugly nails.
  19. Nibble cheese after meals to feel fresh. Dentists say a bland, fatty food is actually a better mouth cleanser than the traditional apple.
  20. Instead of coffee, try orange juice, vegetable juice, cold water, red wine even – all these are good alternatives to caffeine.
  21. Hold your tummy in. Your whole body takes its beauty from your tummy area. If you practice holding your tum in and your back straight, the rest of your body follows.
  22. Learn to love your feet. Cherish them, pamper them with a weekly pedicure. Dabble them in cold water, with a tablespoon of cider vinegar added, while you watch television.
  23. Herb teas aren’t just trendy. Put a tablespoon of dried chamomile or sage leaves in a cup, add boiling water, leave a few minutes, strain and drink.
  24. Rise with yeast. Vitamin B does beautiful things for your hair, skin and sanity. Try a course of yeast tablets, eight a day for a week.
  25. Do plenty of swimming – it exercises the body, relieves tension and gives you a beautiful shape.
  26. Drink 2 glasses of milk a day, or a glass at least. It’s full of calcium, which is great for strengthening nails and teeth and bones.
  27. Have a good cry. Tears are the top eye lotion – antiseptic, soothing, healing. Emotion should be let out, not bottled up inside.
  28. Eat a salmon. Salmons contain vitamins A, D, B1, riboflavin, and niacin – all vital to beauty. Serve with lemon and parsley.
  29. Watch TV to make you feel relaxed, but sit at least 150cm away from the set. Put sidelights on, not an overhead one.
  30. Get your eyes tested. Bad eyesight leads to bad temper, accidents and persistent headaches.
  31. Shake a leg, or an arm, or your bottom. Dance every day to release inhibitions.
  32. Suck a lemon for a vitamin C beauty boost. If you can’t take it neat, squeeze the juice into a glass of hot water, add a teaspoon of honey, stir.
  33. Lose 8 pounds. Try a one-day fast each week for four weeks. Drink as much water as you like and nibble apples – nothing else.
  34. Have a checkup. All women should have a regular top-to-toe checkup once every five years – with breast checks and cervical smears every year. Contact your local family planning clinic or your GP.
  35. Eat breakfast. An early morning energy boost is vital to get the day off to a beautiful start.
  36. If you like cereal, check on the side of the cereal packets for the one with the highest protein content.
  37. Change your routine. Brain and body get “bored” by the same old routine day in, day out.
  38. Sleep on the other side of the bed. You’ll feel different.
  39. Chase a few rainbows. The brain is the computer center of the body – controlling the way we feel. Noticed how much more beautiful you feel when something smashing’s happening?
  40. Make love in the mornings or afternoons and not at 11:30 pm precisely when you’re probably tired.
  41. Run upstairs. Try it forwards and backward, to make your legs beautifully shapely.
  42. Wear skirts instead of jeans.
  43. Increase the roughage in your diet. Constipation isn’t an illness, it’s just a damn nuisance – but it does make you feel fat, frumpy and irritable. Have bran for breakfast and a big salad for lunch. Start eating wholemeal bread, brown sugar instead of white.
  44. Try riding a bicycle instead of driving a car much healthier.
  45. Start walking instead of taking a bus to the shops or work.
  46. Cook yourself a specialty big steak. There’s nothing like a piece of juicy meat to make you feel good.
  47. Stand on your head! It gives your circulation a boost.
  48. Get up early on Sunday mornings instead of lying in bed, a shock to the system does wonders.
  49. Go barefoot whenever you can. Your feet love to breathe.
  50. Increased physical activity makes your hair shine, skin bloom, and eyes sparkle.
  51. You should never see any edges. Everything should blend together naturally.
  52. You have to try a lot of different techniques and colors in order to find the look that is just right for yourself.
  53. The purpose of powder is to cover up a shine. Whether you use it or not depends on the type of foundation you use, and your skin type and personal preference. There is only one way to find out which look is right for you and that is by experimenting.
  54. If you put a little scent onto your third finger and run it across each brow you will keep them looking sleek. Smells sweeter too.
  55. Dark brows look harsh if your hair is fair. Lighten them with a cream facial bleach. Effectiveness depends on the time the bleach stays on.
  56. Pluck stray hairs out every three or four days. Don’t wait until brows look shaggy. Choose sharp, slanted tweezers that will pick up hair easily. Soothe with skin tonic.
  57. Mascara clogs lashes but you can avoid this if you use a special lash comb when the mascara is almost dry to separate them. Open your mouth when making-up eyes, you won’t blink.
  58. Extremes of coloring in makeup are seldom flattering. Very dark shades of lipstick are not becoming, neither are tones near to pure white. The prettiest look is achieved with light, bright colors in tones. A lipstick or lip-gloss provides valuable protection against the sun and wind. Lip gloss is not known for its staying power. But for a special moment, such as having a photograph taken, it gives a polished finish.
  59. If you blend your moisturizer with your base makeup (equal amounts of each) you will achieve a soft even coloring across the skin. You can still cover blemishes if you use a concealer stick under base makeup.
  60. Always use a translucent loose powder for the smoothest finish. It will ensure a makeup lasts up to 7 hours. Take a cotton wool ball and dust upwards to remove excess.
  61. Your eye pencil will slide more easily if you warm it on a lamp bulb. This favorite trick of top makeup artists helps to achieve a soft, smudged look. Use immediately for the best results around your eyes.
  62. Facial toner in a spray is a boon. The sensation when the toner hits the skin is tingling sharp. Use it as a toner on cleansed skin before moisturizing, as a pick-up or in a short burst to set makeup.
  63. Use your moisturizing cream around the back of the neck. Or try a hand cream if you prefer to use expensive face cream sparingly.
  64. Lips can become sore and chapped at any time of the year. Wear a protecting salve at all times, including under lipstick or gloss.
  65. Don’t dismiss face masks as time-consuming or messy. You will find it more effective if you apply before your bath or shower. The steam will help the mask penetrate.
  66. Most women prefer to wash their faces with soap or at least splash with cool water after thorough cleansing. Take a soft towel and pat very gently against the skin.
  67. Don’t be misled about the sun’s burning rays. Even on cloudy days, they are still strong, so it is vital to use a sunblock each morning.
  68. Body skin dries out just like facial skin so if you bare your legs this summer, a daily application of the cream will smooth away rough skin. Sloughing body skin with a loofah removes dead, flaky surface cells and brings a warm, healthy glow.
  69. If you find your nail polish tends to chip easily, don’t keep redoing it but touch up the tips to help preserve the nail’s strength.
  70. If you wear more than one ring you can develop tiny skin calluses. Avoid them by swapping rings around. Massage in hand cream. A pumice stone will leave the skin soft.
  71. Short nails will look their best if they are painted a soft, natural color. Choose lots of bracelets rather than rings to take attention away from your fingers to your wrists. Ruffled cuffs have the same effect.
  72. Nails get forgotten in winter but with warmer weather coming you should think about painting them. Never use clashing colors on toes and fingers.
  73. If you have naturally well-shaped fingernails, they will look fabulous just buffed. You should use the buff against the grain of the nail for healthy shine.
  74. Hair that lacks body will improve instantly with a conditioning mousse. Give it seconds to dry then brush hair into shape. Instant hair help is at hand with ribbons, combs, scarves. Never tie back your hair with a rubber band, it will tear and split the ends. Choose covered “elastic” bands.
  75. Hairspray will be less visible if you first spray it on to your hairbrush. Repeat the spray and brush action about three times each.
  76. A warm almond or olive oil treatment remains the best solution for dry, over-bleached hair. Use your fingertips to massage in, leave five minutes, and wash.
  77. Brushing is good for your hair but only when done correctly. The old-fashioned 100 strokes are unkind to hair but 25 strokes each day will improve its overall condition.
  78. Use your favorite scent all-round, wearing scent is an art. Put essence in your bath: keep empty scent bottles in your wardrobe, carry an atomizer in your bag.
  79. Badly fitting shoes mean bad posture. Check yours by outlining your barefoot (no socks). If the outline is larger than the shoe sole, the shoes are too small.
  80. A carefully acquired tan makes you look and feel better. Tan in a solarium if you want to start before heading for the beach. Best summer makeup to flatter a tan will have strong hints of bronze and gold colors.
  81. Your smile is one of your best beauty assets. You should floss away plaque between the teeth and use an antiseptic mouthwash.
  82. Choose easy-care fabrics. Nothing looks worse than nasty wrinkles. Pure fabrics always seem to crease more easily than a mix containing some man-made fibers.
  83. A splash of eye drops is to red and tired eyes what a brisk shower is to your body.
  84. Invest in a really good haircut, long hair can look flat and lack bounce. Subtle layering makes a big difference and shorter hair is easier to wash and care for.
  85. Eye beauty is basically eye health. Look after your eyes, protect them. If you need glasses, wear them. Sight is a precious possession. Witch-hazel pads placed over the eyes help to reduce temporary fatigue lines if you can lie down patiently for half an hour while they soak away the exhaustion marks. Keep your witch-hazel in the refrigerator during the summer. Douse the pads, squeeze out the excess, lie down, apply and enjoy!
  86. Keep your hands young. Many of us, if we think hard, can remember our grandmothers wearing gloves to bed once a week. It may have seemed silly but remember how lovely their hands were? Try this formula for beautiful hands.
  87. Grandmother’s hand cream. Beat one teaspoon of rice flour into two egg-yolks until you have a smooth paste. Blend in four teaspoons sweet almond oil and 30g (1oz) rosewater, or plain mineral water will do. Beat in very slowly ½ teaspoon tincture of benzoin, drop by drop. Pat this into your hands before you go to bed. Leave on all night and rinse the hands, without using soap, in the morning.
  88. Keep your nails healthy. Protein is one of the most important nutrients needed for healthy fingernails. For beneficial external treatment try mixing equal parts of egg-yolk, almond, or linseed oil and raw unheated honey. Massage into the nails the last thing at night and rinse away in the morning. If your nails are soft, try soaking your fingers each night in warm olive oil. Iodine applied to the nails is another effective strengthener.
  89. Elbows and hands. Here’s a super cream for hard, crusty elbows that don’t seem to respond to creams or oils. Blend together a few drops each of salad oil, lemon juice, and honey. Rub into the elbows several times a day and in a week’s time, your problem should be greatly diminished.
  90. A milk bath is a great treat for your body. Rub yourself all over with a sponge dipped in milk and thirsty pores will be saturated with this calcium covering and the results will be a firmer but beautifully soft skin. Another delightful body treatment is a vigorous oil rub with a nourishing salad oil. Remove excess oil before stepping into the bath and do be careful while in the tub: this is a luxurious but slippery bath! Your skin will be as soft and luscious as a baby’s.
  91. Treat yourself to herbal baths. There are many refreshing herbal and floral baths. Prepare herbs in a dish of hot water before straining into the bath. Make small gauze bags filled with a handful of any crushed mixture you choose of dried flowers or herbs and pungent grasses. Hang the bags over the tap. As the water pours down it will carry the fragrance of the bag into your tub. Massage your body underwater to derive the fullest benefits.
  92. Scents of all seasons. You can experiment and put together enchanting fragrances in your own home. Make lavender sachets to put among your clothes for a clean, lasting scent. Make spicy sachets from 30g (1oz) of each of the following items: cinnamon, cloves, coriander seeds, lavender flowers, rose leaves, and orris root. Grind the ingredients and mix them well. Ladle into small bags and tie.
  93. Consider your body as a motor car. Rev it up each day with a bout of exercise. Skipping or running will leave you feeling sharper.
  94. Not everybody needs eight hours of sleep each night but it is a fair guide. Sleep is one of your three basic beauty needs, along with a good diet and plenty of exercises.
  95. If you feel low on energy, check that you are eating a balanced diet. Consider a course of multivitamin pills. B-complex vitamins help the body deal with stress.
  96. Consider the sun as your free beauty bonus. It’s your best source of vitamin D, which is vital for healthy skin, teeth, and bones.
  97. Check your posture. If it is bad, you’ll feel sluggish. Imagine a line running from ears to shoulders, hips, knees, middle of your feet. Now you are standing perfectly.
  98. Staving off hunger pangs with sweets and biscuits just creates a vicious circle. The sugar they contain satisfies you at first but the effect soon wears off, leaving you craving more food. Don’t turn your nose up at raw carrots, celery, or fruit. They are great natural beauty foods.
  99. Sparkling mineral water is the best drink if you are watching your weight. Delicious with a slice of lemon.
  100. Your calorie needs vary according to daily physical activities but most women will get skinny on 500 or 1200 calories a day. Carry a pocket counter with you to check the calorie values of everything you eat.
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