From ancient times, the scented extracts of plants have been used for Mankind’s well-being. The pungent aromas of herbs, flowers, roots, barks and resins have been used to heal and relieve pain, to flavor foods, to preserve the harvest and the hunt, to enhance the mysterious ceremonies of religious rites, to entice and please the senses, and to protect against illness.

Natural plant extracts

Today, we describe the use of natural plant extracts (called “Essential Oils”) as “Aromatherapy” and use many and varied oils for emotional and physical well-being. The Essential Oils used for Aromatherapy must be of good quality to insure effectiveness, safety and cost efficiency.

The purest Essential Oils must be totally naturally derived from a single plant source, stored in dark glass bottles to protect from deterioration by sunlight, have the botanical species of the plant source identified on the label, include a dropper in the neck of the bottle to give accurate measure and prevent waste, and include with it full information on the appropriate use of the particular oil.

A 12 milliliter bottle of Essential Oil may appear small, but this amount equals over 200 drops. The maximum number of drops for any single application is six, with half that amount used for the elderly or children (both of whom have delicate skin.)

Essential oils and their uses

Aromatherapy Essential Oils can be used in a wide variety of ways: for delightfully aromatic baths, body massage, vaporization to scent a room space, as a compress to soothe the body or as an inhalation. In every case, only six concentrated drops of oil are required for the desired effect.

Baths, compresses and vaporization

For baths, compresses and vaporization, the oils are dropped onto the surface of warm water and then disposed by means of emerging oneself in the bath water, vaporizing by means of an oil “burner” (a ceramic dish gently heated from below with a tea light candle), or applied to the surface of the body by means of a soft cloth dipped into and gently squeezed free of the oil as it floats on the surface of the water in your mixing dish.


Inhalation of Essential Oils is a good old fashioned way of clearing the sinuses or enjoying a refreshing facial. A simple towel and basin set up works well and can be used by anyone. To create a warm scented steam for inhalation, drop six droplets of the chosen oil on the surface of a basin of hot water, cover with a towel to make a “tent” for your head and duck underneath. Heavenly!

Body massage

Body massage oil scented with Essential Oils are mixed by using a light textured “carrier” oil (such as sunflower, grape seed or apricot kernel) and adding your own desired blend of scented oil. Mixture ration should be six drops of Essential Oil for every 12ml of carrier oil.

It is very important to note that Essential Oil should not be taken orally and should not be used during pregnancy without professional advice. Aromatherapy Essential Oils offer you a delightful fragrant experience as personal and as creative as your imagination allows!

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