500 Calorie Diet Plan

If you’re one of the many dieters who give up half way because your diet is too hard to maintain, then our 500 Calorie Diet is for you. It’s simple, very effective and will fit easily into your lifestyle.

This diet is a healthy eating plan to lose between 7 and 14 pounds, depending on how much weight you have to lose.

The food is easy to organize, whether you’re at work or at home, and not expensive. This is a monotonous diet, as far as food variety is concerned, but it’s a diet that really works! If you want to lose weight for a special occasion, this will do it for you.

This is a 14-day diet – no longer! Of course, you may want to lose only a few pounds, in which case, 7 days on the diet will give you the desired results.

You can lose between 10 and 14 pounds on the 500-calorie dietFriday is a good day to start the diet, if you can organize a quiet weekend ahead. Because this diet contains only about 500 calories a day, you may feel a little tired on the second or third day. Just rest, take things easy if this happens, it will have passed by the fourth day. Do not do any strenuous exercise while on this diet.

  • Check with your doctor before going on this, or any other diet.
  • Take a multi-vitamin tablet after lunch each day.
  • Eat the food listed in any order you like, but you must eat it all.
  • Eat slowly, chew well, and enjoy your food.
  • Take things easy while on this diet; avoid strenuous exercise.

The more overweight you are, the quicker the weight will melt away. Weigh yourself every morning, and the marked weight loss will give you the incentive to carry on the diet.

Everyone will have a different weight loss pattern, but generally speaking, you can expect to lose up to 1.5 kg (3 pounds), or even just over this amount, on the first day. This is excess fluid loss. From then on, it is excess weight or fat coming off.

You could lose up to 3.5 – 4 kg (7 to 8 pounds) in the first 7 days. The weight loss pattern could then slow down for a few days, then probably speed up again.


You are allowed, 500 calories each day, the following: two eggs, two tomatoes, two oranges, one slice wholemeal bread, 125g fish or chicken or cottage cheese.You are allowed, 500 calories each day, the following: two eggs, two tomatoes, two oranges, one slice wholemeal bread, 125g fish or chicken or cottage cheese.

You must eat each item. Certain vegetables are allowed, in addition. Details of how the items can be eaten are set out below.

1. Two eggs

These can be eaten boiled, if you like to have them for breakfast with wholemeal toast, or hard-boiled if you want to take them to work. It is better to make two meals from the eggs. You can also have them poached, in water; or made into an omelet; or scrambled eggs, using water instead of milk, but these must be cooked in a non-stick pan; definitely no butter, margarine or oil is allowed.

Don’t forget you can make an omelet or scrambled eggs more interesting with food from the permitted vegetable list; such as finely chopped chives, parsley, celery, etc.

2. Two tomatoes

Choose medium sized tomatoes, eat them raw, to retain as many vitamins as possible, use freshly squeezed lemon juice with salt and pepper in place of a dressing, if desired.

For a change, try placing one ripe tomato in a blender with some celery, cucumber, shallots, etc, season with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice, a crushed small clove of garlic too if you like, add about ½ cup water, and blend 15 seconds; you will have a filling cold soup, or drink.

3. Two oranges

Choose large oranges, eat the whole peeled orange, not just the juice – the pulp from the orange is important roughage in this diet.

4. One slice wholemeal bread

Choose good wholemeal bread, one which is pre-sliced and packaged is ideal. It does away with the temptation to cut thick slices. Keep the loaf in the freezer, and take out one slice a day. Remember, no butter or margarine is allowed; toast the bread if you wish.

You can make a hearty open salad sandwich with your wholemeal bread, one tomato with lettuce, celery, bean sprouts, etc.

5. Main meal

Main meal of the 500-calorie dietChoose one of these to have each day, either at lunch or dinner, whenever is most convenient.

  • Low fat cottage cheese. This cheese can be bought in bulk or in 250g cartons; you only require 125g for a meal, that is half a carton. Remember to add some of the permitted vegetables to the cheese to make it more interesting. Do not buy cottage cheese which has other ingredients added.
  • Fish. You require 125g fish (cooked weight); buy 185g fresh fish (no canned or smoked fish is allowed), either grill, steam or poach fish until tender, season with salt, pepper and freshly squeezed lemon juice. A 185g fish will reduce to 125g when cooked.
  • Chicken. You require 125g chicken (cooked weight), the easiest way to buy this is to buy a whole large chicken breast, remove the meat from the bones, carefully remove skin, wrap one of the breasts in plastic food wrap and freeze for your next chicken meal.
  • Permitted vegetables. Eat as much and as many of these vegetables as you like; use them to make the other foods listed more interesting: lettuce, parsley, chives, fresh herbs, shallots, cucumber, celery, red or green peppers, radishes, fresh bean sprouts, raw zucchini, watercress. Season salads with salt, pepper, lemon juice and crushed garlic, if desired.

6. Drinks

Drink water or mineral water, or black tea or coffee. If you wish, use a sugar substitute in tea or coffee. Iced tea is refreshing with a slice of lemon. No sugar, milk or canned or bottled drinks, even those labeled “low calorie”, are allowed on this diet. Definitely no alcohol!

Because there is not much food variety in the diet, you’re inclined to forget, from day to day, just what you have eaten. Use the list above to check off each item of food daily. Remember to weigh yourself daily, and mark it on the chart.

Remember a daily multi-vitamin tablet with a glass of water after lunch.

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