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9 Healthiest Nuts and Seeds for Your Health

Nuts and seeds have been one of mankind’s staple foods for centuries. Because they are highly nutritious, easily cultivated and stored, nuts and seeds are just about as perfect food as one would wish. Today we usually think of nuts and seeds as “snack” foods or the garnish on more serious feeds such as bread,


Dangers in Use of Animal Organs

Doctors have warned that using organs from animals for human transplants could have potentially devastating consequences for society by introducing new diseases into humans. Six doctors from three separate institutions made the warning in today’s New England Journal of Medicine. The doctors argued in an opinion column in the journal that before attempting such transplants,

Science Could Make You a Genius

Drug experiments which restore sanity and intellect to the senile suggest a future when every child will be a genius. Care to become a genius? A top-rank musician, painter, writer, philosopher, mathematician, inventor, scientist, states man, wizard of finance – or a combination of the lot? In the future geniuses may be manufactured by the

Snake Venom for Diabetes

About one in three diabetics dependent on insulin eventually develop kidney failure, requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive. Hope that these problems can be delayed, and perhaps even prevented, comes from the latest research into a new class of drugs called Ace inhibitors. Ace inhibitors, which owe their discovery to research on the

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Marijuana as Medicine

Marijuana is the dried aerial tops of the plant Cannabis sativa L. The compound leaf of five to seven leaflets with serrated edges has been reproduced on so many posters, books, papers and T-shirts as to be recognizable by almost everyone. Other features of the plant, such as the fact that the male and female

Ritalin for ADHD: Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

Ritalin is helping millions of children (and their parents) face the problem of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and it has been doing so for more than 75 years. We use the term “helping” very loosely. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that a drug like Ritalin helps counter the symptoms of Attention

DRUG ABUSE: Withdrawal, Detox and Rehabilitation

Medically supervised detoxification and rehabilitation therapies are respectively short, medium and long-term strategies for overcoming addiction. Detox units treat physical addiction by medically managing withdrawal to minimize discomfort and the temptation to relapse. Rehab is a program of education and workshops to help people affected by a drug problem manage psychological addiction and prevent relapse.

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Healthiest Oils for Your Health

Of all the food we eat daily, oils are probably the least understood, least appreciated and most often wrongly handled in our cooking practices. Every cell in the body depends on a daily intake of “Essential Fatty Acids”, or EFAs for short, which are abundantly supplied by good quality oils and in most vegetable source

Guidelines for a Low Sodium Diet

Sodium in salt may contribute to high blood pressures in some people. By limiting the amount of sodium used, these people can reduce the amount of medication required, and in some cases, lower blood pressure to a stage where medication may not be needed at all. Hypertension is even more important than high blood cholesterol

Chemicals in Foods and Drinks

Clinical ecologists link allergies as major factors in good or poor mental health. But how many of us have considered the possibility that the foods we eat or the chemicals we inhale may affect our health in quite dramatic ways. In a new branch of behavioral science, known as clinical ecology, where doctors from different

Fungi as Food

The edible qualities of toadstools and mushrooms have been known since ancient days. The ancient Greeks and Romans were experts in the discrimination of edible species. The common opinion, that there is but one edible fungus, the mushroom, and that all others are undesirable toadstools, is a mistake. There is undoubtedly a greater number of

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