Panspermia Might Mutate Zika Virus To Be Deadlier

This might seem straight out of a science fiction book, but scientists now believe that genetic material bombarding Earth could in fact create a supervirus mutant of the Zika virus.

According to scientists, the Zika virus can easily spread across the globe, all the while becoming more deadly and prevalent. The virus has already shown its resilience in resisting changes and ever since its discovery back in 1940s, the virus has always managed to mutate so as to survive and flourish. Initially found in monkeys, this virus gradually mutated to become capable of infecting humans too.

The current strand of Zika virus that is spreading shows signs of accelerated mutations where a complete strand of genetic material previously not present has surfaced. The sudden presence of such a strand suggests immediate interaction of the virus with some form of genetic material.

The typical Zika virus was up until now transmitted by mosquitoes. That was the sole medium of transfer but recently, this virus has branched off with some strains that are transmitted not just through mosquitoes but also through sexual contact thus falling under the STD category. Very few other viruses show such aggressive mutational properties especially with respect to vector.

Scientists now have a theory that suggests, this sudden massive mutation is the product of extraterrestrial genetic material reaching the surface of earth. Panspermia as the theory for genesis of life goes, is the bombardment of earth with genetic material every single second. In a research, they showed that genetic material does indeed fall to earth as the signature of such material is quite different to that of materials on earth.

Some proponents suggest that ET genes are nothing more than earthling genetic materials that were thrown out into the top layers of atmosphere during gigantic volcanic eruptions that then gradually fell back to the surface. Since the past two years have not witnessed any major volcanic eruption that can catapult microbes to space, the research conducted recently cannot have samples contaminated by earth microbes.

In simple terms, it seems genetic material from outer space is the culprit in aiding the Zika virus to become more virulent and finding new vectors.

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