New Seadragon Filmed First Time

Does something exist only because you can see something? Is vision or actual sight necessary to prove the existence of something? In physics, outer psace and even in oceans of earth, this is not the case. When you cannot see something it necessarily does not imply that it does not exist.

Take for instance when in 2015, researchers believed they had discovered a brand new species of seadragon, not to be confused with a seahorse. This news came nearly 150 years after assuming that the world only had two species of seadragons. These were called the leafy and the common seadragons. When a male seadragon trawled up on the shores of the Western coast of Australia carrying a brood of babies, it just proved further the treasure trove hidden in the oceans of Earth. This particular species though wasn’t like any other seadragon seen before. It was fire red and did not have feathery appendages normally seen in the two common variants.

This discovery led scientists to initially assume that they had found a common seadragon. This is uncommon because this species never lived near the shallow coast line. Tissues were sent off and through genetic testing a third species was discovered. Unfortunately, all we had was a dead seadragon and genetic tests to confirm a third species but no real sighting. That was until now!

New footage has recently emerged of not one but two ruby seadragons swimming around. This live footage has now confirmed the presence of the third variant. The seadragons in the video are seen curling and flexing their tails. This is not seen in the other two species and is unique only to the “Ruby Seadragon”.

James McKey, motor trade sales advisor at One Sure, who also happens to be a qualified seadragon expert, said, “Naturally with this sighting there is hope that many more may be seen and the creature can be studied more in its natural habitat. It serves as a reminder of what our beloved Earth has to offer up in its vast watery confines.”

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