Extra-Terrestrial Life And How It Could Be

Star Trek, Star Wars and any space odyssey adventure has always managed to intrigue even the least scientifically inclined individual. From fans to nerds, everyone has an opinion on how life would look like outside the solar system.

This begs the question, is it necessary to look outside our solar system? Yes, Mars shows signs that it could have once had simple life on its surface but a search for life on the Red Planet could take a couple of decades and we still may not find any clues. However, there are other candidates within the solar system that might harbor life, specifically the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

Through the study of life in various extreme regions of our planet, scientists are beginning to imagine what kind of life might survive in the harsh of other planets. From microbes who survive in volcanic conditions to the extreme pressure of the Pacific Ocean trenches, organisms have proved to be extremely versatile in surviving. This helps the case of scientists who predict discovery of life on another planet in the next century. Moreover, it has helped recreate life that could exist elsewhere and it is amazing to see artistic renditions of these possible life forms.

Some are downright outrageous with multiple appendages to fight higher gravity, others are pretty close to the kind of life we have on earth. Let’s not forget that as humans if we travelled back in time to when the dinosaurs existed, we would probably meet species that we had no clue existed back then. Imagine how large dinosaurs were and after them nothing that large ever existed again.

Is it possible that on another Earth very much like ours, without a catastrophe like the one our planet went through, there could exist massive life forms much like the dinosaurs but only much more evolved? And if that happens then what about mammals? Will they even manage to survive the process of natural selection or do they go extinct?

The possibility of life on another planet really is exciting and the fact that computer models, scientists and artists are now able to predict what kind of lifeforms we could find makes it all the more rewarding to send out probes to faraway stars in the hopes of accidentally landing up with proof of extra-terrestrial life.

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